Nov 7 – 11


This week, Casa B talked about animals on the continents.  We matched animal pictures to the continents they live on.  In North America, we can recognize raccoons, geese, moose, and polar bears.  In Asia,  there are pandas, tigers, and elephants.  Penguins live in Antarctica.  Lions and zebras live in Africa.  The rainforests in South America is home to lots of different kinds of birds like toucans and macaws.   On Remembrance Day, we kept a 2-minute silence at 11 o’clock to honour the soldiers and nurses who lost their lives in the war.

This week, Casa C learned about Earth and the seven continents at circle time. Children learned the number 5 and worked on a variety of math and language activities. On Remembrance Day, we talked about being thankful to have the freedom and peace that we enjoy in this country.


Shapes are all around us when we pay attention to them! This week, children were introduced to squares, triangles, ovals, circles, and rectangles. They enjoyed repeating the vocabulary while making a tissue paper fish and stamping a heart shape. Some of them successfully identified and matched ice cream with different shapes. In music and movement, children learned a shape song with signs attached to the wall for them to practice. We also discovered different shapes with our toys and even in a sensory bin with funnels and cups!