May 29 – Jun 2


Casa A children practiced walking on the line with hands behind their backs. They worked to sew large buttons on fabrics, and identify letters and beginning sounds of objects.

Casa B children learned about transportation. We sorted common means of transportation – train, boat, jet, car, bus, ship, raft, airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon into land, water, air transportation. We coloured and read “The Transportation in my Neighborhood” reader. We also made paper airplanes.

Casa C children talked about transportation. During our discussion about land, water and air transportations, children developed language and vocabulary. We also made hot air balloons and land vehicles with clothing pegs through which the children practiced their fine motor and hand eye coordination.

Pre Casa
This week pre-casa theme was Senses. We explored sight, smell, touch, taste and sound through different activities and rhythmic games. We listened to animal sounds to identify animals; closed our eyes to identify fruits by smell. Children started to understand –
I see ** with my eyes.
I smell ** with my nose.
I taste **with my tongue.
I hear ** with my ears
I touch ** with my hands.