April 17 – 21


Casa A children enjoyed a story – Fox and Crow; they then made puppets of a fox and a crow and used them in a puppet show.  They also put beans in a wet paper towel and are going to see what would happen.  In celebration of Earth Day, children were introduced to the sandpaper globe and learned to identify land and water.    

Casa B children learned about the life cycle of plants. We made a paper wheel of a plant’s life cycle – seeds – sprout – flowers – seeds. We also learned that plants need soil, water, and sun. We planted grass seeds and red kidney beans. We will be taking a photo every day, observing, and making a journal of the growing process. Earth Day is this weekend, we talked about how to protect our earth, clean the garbage and sort the recycles.

Casa C children learned about life cycle of a flower and colours of a rainbow.  We made hand print butterflies, planted seeds and enjoyed Sportball. 

We continue to talk about the weather this week, especially when it’s raining, windy or sunny outside! For example, we asked children what do you wear when it’s raining. What do you wear when it’s sunny? In addition, the children did a matching game of weather and clothes and read a weather book together.