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At All Saints’ Montessori School we aim to provide a productive, enjoyable and safe environment for children to learn and grow.  We offer a program where care and education are combined.  Following the Montessori philosophy, we focus on each child’s individual abilities and interests allowing them to proceed at their own pace, helping them to become confident and independent. We emphasize social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development.

Admission is open to children of all religions and races.  We are Christian oriented but not denominationally oriented.  We promote common Christian elements of faith.

Weekly Summary

November 21 – 25

This week, Casa B talked about ocean creatures.  There are not only many kinds of animals that live in the ocean, there are also many plants too.  It is a beautiful world under the sea.  We learned that there are five zones in the ocean. The bottom level is deep and dark because there are no lights.  Then the rest range from light blue to dark blue.  We also cut out animal pictures and matched them to their zones.

This week, Casa C children continued to work on animals of the different continents.  We also learned about the different zones of the ocean and ocean animals.

With the different weather changes we have been experiencing, precasa children got to learn about rain, wind, snow, and cloud. Some were able to say and recognize the word snow.  When it was windy outside, we made a simple kite and the children played with it on the playground.  The children enjoyed making a snowball with Q-tip and paint. They loved dripping paint with a pipette and watching the u bleed on the paper.

Weekly Summary


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