May 8 – 12

Casa A children are settling well in our Montessori classroom, exploring and learning new activities and lessons. Children are introduced to sandpaper letters and their sounds. They are polishing mirror, pouring tea and folding aprons. Children also enjoy preparing their Mother’s Day craft.

Children in Casa B continue to learn about bugs and get in depth with the life cycle of butterflies and ladybugs. We read a poem “Mommy, I love you,” sang a song and made hand paper lily flowers to thank our moms for their love and hard work this mother’s day weekend.

Casa C discussed the three spaces where animals and insects live –  land, water, air.  They sorted and matched photos to these three elements.  Our group of young casa children are counting and writing numbers, they are practicing cutting to develop their fine motor skills.  Our group of intermediate casa children are identifying the beginning and ending sounds of objects which prepares them for decoding simple words.

This week Pre Casa learned about nature and insects. Children learned how worms, bees, and butterflies move with their bodies. We made a caterpillar together and read a book about how caterpillars become a butterflies. Children played with insect toys and observed them closely using magnifying glasses. The children had fun playing with rice sensory and wood block play mixed with insect toys. Last, all students enjoyed an afternoon nature walk.