About Us

All Saints’ Montessori School was founded in 1992.  We began as a one room school with mixed age students and few staff.  In 1996 we changed location, which enabled us to thrive in a new, modern facility.  The new building allowed for more Casa classrooms, the start of our Pre-Casa rooms as well as a large gym and well equipped playground.

All Saints’ is organized as a non-profit corporation, which is governed by a Board of Directors.  A Principal and a Program Supervisor are responsible for the day to day operation of the school.

At All Saints' Montessori we see children as competent individuals, capable thinkers, and curious learners who are rich in potential.  We aim to provide a productive, enjoyable and safe place where the children may learn and grow.  We follow the Montessori philosophy as well as the Ministry of Education’s “How Does Learning Happen” guidelines.  A student’s school experience must be positive and fulfilling. We focus on each child's individual abilities and interests allowing them to proceed at their own pace, helping them become confident and independent people. We emphasize social, emotional, creative, and physical development as well as intellectual development.   Extra- curricular activities and special school events are scheduled to enhance students' school experience.

We believe that parents are the most important people in a child's life.  An open relationship based on trust and respect must be maintained between school and parents. Your child will gain the greatest benefits from their school experience when the school and family work together.   All children will receive detailed, honest assessments to inform parents of development.  Any decisions, recommendations or reports regarding your child are made with only his/her well-being in mind.  When necessary we will involve local community partners to lend support to students, parents and staff.

Our well qualified staff are carefully selected for their educational background, training and experience.  They are caring and nurturing and treat all of our children in a loving and respectful manner. We are very proud of our fine reputation in the community.

Our Goals

  • To provide an enriched experience and foster a love of learning.
  • To develop a child’s potential to the fullest.
  • To guide children in their development and stimulate growth and socialization.
  • To give children opportunities to succeed and be challenged.
  • To encourage children to explore their natural interests, creativity and skills