November 14 – 17

Casa B learned about the 5 oceans this week. The biggest ocean is the Pacific Ocean which is on our East.  The Atlantic Ocean is on the west and to the north of Canada is the Arctic Ocean. We also prepared for Mickey Mouse Day with a craft to celebrate his birthday.  Christmas is coming. Casa B students wrote a letter to Santa and began practicing for our Christmas performance.

Casa C children continued learning the names and locations of the 7 continents.  We also talked about the animals of North America.  All children are progressing well with Montessori activities to develop their concentration, fine motor and language skills.

Precasa children welcomed the first snowfall with shovels and buckets. They had a lot of fun exploring in the snow. With that, we started our new theme – Weather. Children created a sunny day painting with a fork. They made rainy-day art using pipettes and cotton. They used q-tips to draw a snowy tree. These materials promoted children’s creativity and made them use and develop different parts of their fine motor skills.   On the last day, we watched a  short Mickey mouse film and ate a special snack to celebrate Mickey Mouse Day.