September 19 – 23

In preparation for our field trip next week, children in Casa B learned about farm animals this week. We made a red barn and arranged cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and hens to live inside. Through songs, we imitated the sounds that these animals make. We continued to learn letters in our names through various ways and practiced our muscles and motor skills using puzzles and activities.

After an introductory week, children in Casa C are learning about their bodies and identifying body parts. They are onto the letter “c” and are to recognize and count to the number 2.

Pre-Casa children had a great time learning about fruits and vegetables. Students enjoyed art, sensory, language, fine motor and dramatic play during the week. We touched, scooped and poured corn kernels in our sensory bins. We finger-painted a strawberry and an avocado to help develop our hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill. We learned the names of various fruits and vegetables by playing with puzzles, picture cards, and posters. Children repeated these names of fruits and vegetables while playing with toy food in the dramatic corner.