September 12 – 16

Casa B students continued to talk about themselves and learn the names of their classmates.  We identified the beginning sounds in our names and learned the names of the Montessori materials we use in the classroom.  Each of us made a school bus this week and understood that we go to school every day to become smarter and stronger.  

Casa C students enjoyed this week learning to read the calendar and counting the days of the week.  We reviewed the letters in the alphabet,  started tracing the letter a and counted from 1 to 15.  Children are following the classroom rules and adapting to the routines.  They are  learning to use the materials in a purposeful way and tidy up after each use.  

Precasa children had an opportunity to explore the farm animal sensory bin. They practiced hand-eye coordination while searching for little animals within a pile of hay. They learned the sounds of a sheep and a cow and found out that eggs come from chickens. With that, they learned the letter “c” for chicken.