October 3 – 7

Happy Thanksgiving!

We talked about Thanksgiving in Casa B this week.  We learned that thanksgiving is a celebration of the year’s harvest.  We made a turkey hat and a thankful card to help us see who and what we are thankful for – our family and friends, our food, and toys.  We donated food to the food drive and wish all the kids in the world can have enough food to eat.  Children also took a nature walk around the block to look for the changes in the Fall leaves.

Fall is back! Children were so happy to learn about fall and thanksgiving day. Our new words were leaf, pumpkin, turkey, and rain, with fall theme picture cards. Students did a lot of art activities making corn, leaf, turkey, and pumpkin. Ingredients we used for art activities were real corn kernels, feathers, and much more. The children had an amazing time decorating a turkey with feathers which promoted their fine motor skills. They all had fun listening to the 5 little pumpkins song and learning to count from 1 to 5 using pumpkin heads.