October 17 – 21

This week in Casa B, we talked about “How do animals spend the winter”. Children learned about animals that hibernate during the winter – bear, bats, frogs, and snakes.  These animals sleep during the winter. We built a cave in our classroom to imitate a bear’s cave. We also read books on animal migration – Canadian geese, Arctic Terns and Monarch Butterflies.  These animals move or fly to a warmer country to spend the winter.

Casa C children enjoyed an autumn walk and collected fall leaves.  We learned about hibernating animals. Our younger children learned the letter F, squares (a geometric shape), and the number 5.

This week Pre-Casa students practised big skills such as eye-hand coordination, fine motor, repetitive movements, and concentration skills through various activities. Children made art by shaking balls into the box, feeling, and learning to control their powers. They used legos to colour pinecones, and learned the names “pine-cone” and “brown”. Students tried to walk while balancing a pool noodle on their heads. They also learned to count by stacking rings, making towers with them. Children played with cloud sensory dough and practised transferring and scooping using spoons. They developed their fine motor skills by putting rubber bands around the pumpkin that we picked from the pumpkin farm. During outdoor time, we had fun doing a Fall nature scavenger hunt. Everybody looked for colourful leaves, winged seeds, stones, and twigs. We had fun observing a ladybug on the playground too.