October 11- 14

Casa B children are developing their sensory awareness of their surroundings through the use of the many Montessori materials available.  They are developing their colour sense, sense of touch, sound, order, and geometric awareness. In addition, children noticed the different shapes and types of leaves that were found around the neighborhood.  We also discussed the temperature change in Fall and how to dress warmly during the Fall season.

Casa C children practiced their concentration, sharing, turn-taking, memory and independence through our Montessori activities.  We learned the letter M, the number 4, and triangles.

This week, precasa children were introduced to Thanksgiving and fall. They learned about leaves, fall trees, and pumpkins. They practiced their fine motor skills, enjoyed fall tree stamping, and put together a fall wreath using real maple leaves. The children were very curious and wondered why the leaves change into different colors during this season!