July 4 -8


We got to be Mad Scientists this week!  We learned that mixing different ingredients together forms a chemical reaction.  We made a rain cloud in a jar, a volcano out of a lemon, combined our own homemade bubble solution, and discovered what happens to an egg when it’s placed in vinegar for 2 days.  We explored magnetism and learned that some things are magnetic and others are not.  Making balloon birds helped us to see how birds fly and finally, we learned how balloons create static electricity.  We had so much fun this week!


Welcome to the first week of summer camp.  Precasa children used visual ( picture cards) and tactile (realia) impressions to learn the names and build knowledge and concept of the different kinds of transportation. Art activities such as crayon colouring, sponge painting, and crafts with wooden sticks gave children opportunities to practice their fine-motor skills and learn the name of the colours. The children loved the car wash dramatic play and the ramps for cars to roll down on, which allowed them to practice their gross-motor skills.