August 2 – 5


Casa 1 talked about sea creatures and how salt water is different from clean water.  We put an egg each in salt water and fresh water.  The egg in the salt water float and the egg in the fresh water sink. That is because salt water is more dense than the egg.  This week, we also talked about water sports and water activities – surfing, scuba diving.  We made magnets fishing crafts and played a fish game.  We made origami paper boats that sailed on the water table.

Casa 2 children learned about animals that live under the sea.  We made sea creatures and matched photos of sea animals.  We also role-played with sea creatures’ costumes and made puppets to put on a puppet show.  We enjoyed a karate session and completed the week with a water play afternoon.


This week, we celebrated mid-summer with plenty of water activities. Pre-casa children did a sink & float experiment to observe what kinds of toys float and sink. For children’s language development, we planned an alphabet soup activity to learn the names of letters. Children enjoyed a sponge stamping activity of the sun. Children listened and followed all directions well. They worked hard with foam blocks to stack a tower while controlling their senses. The children’s favourite play was washing the kitchen toys, through which they learned the responsibility of taking care of their toys.