June 13 – 17


The “Under the Sea” Concert theme sparked an interest in oceans in the Casa students. This week we learned that the ocean actually has different zones and which sea creatures live in those different layers. We found out about all kinds of interesting sea creatures that live in darkness in the depths of the ocean. We discovered that scuba divers can only go to a certain depth and that the submersibles that have gone the deepest have been remote-controlled because of the water pressure. The children found this topic very interesting.


The summer season offers many excellent opportunities for children to try new experiences. This week, children learned to repeat many vocabulary words – sun, water, melon, popsicle, ocean, swimming suit, flip-flops, sunglasses, and hat. They enjoyed getting messy with their fingers, brushes, stamps, and Q-tips to express their own idea about the warm weather. In addition to art, we combined baking soda with vinegar in an experiment, and the children were amazed to see the bubbles formed as a result.  Children practiced using clothing pins to hang summer clothes to build muscles and develop their fine motor skills.  The children were very engaged with the activities this week and we will continue to learn about the summer in the coming weeks.